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On May 23, general manager of Huangshi Zhai Cableway Corporation Zhang Jiayuan told the correspondent, “to provide tourism service, we shall make tourists and tour guides happy, and also happily provide services for other people’s happiness.” Happiness is the service objective of Huangshi Zhai Cableway Corporation.

Happiness is a very good emotion, but it is not controlled by people. Beautiful scenery, considerate services, sanguine disposition and other factors make people feel happy and shift emotions. What a great challenge to make each tourist happy! However, happiness is the final objective of Cableway Services. Making tourists happy is an enhancement on the basis of safe and satisfactory services.

Beautiful scenery is definitely an essential factor for making tourist happy. In order to beautify scenic environment, Huangshi Zhai Cableway plants a great variety of flowers and trees along the cableway, and guarantees the cleanness of every single corner.

Quality is a guarantee factor for making tourist happy. This is the oldest cableway in Zhangjiajie. Since it has been operated for 17 years, top priority is given to quality control of Cableway. Safety is a precondition. To ensure Cableway safety, Huangshi Zhai carries out inspection and maintenance for the Cableway and check regularly. Even in the peak tourists season, the Cableways can be run rapidly, and thus prevent tourist standing in a long queue.

Hardware improvements provide happiness with soil. Upon listening to the stories behind services, it is evident that happiness comes from joint efforts.

Making Tourists Happy, the Boss Paid out of Pocket

On May 14, two tourists from Hebei Province went to Huangshi Zhai Cableway, and bought tickets by themselves so as to prevent tour guide from taking kickbacks.

The tourists put two ID cards together and bought tickets. One tourist was more than 60 years old, and the other one was less than 60 years old. However, the ticket seller sold two preferential tickets. When the tourists went through the ticket gate, the inspector found a wrong ticket, and required the guest to handle a ticket. The tourist insisted that he could enter after buying a ticket, so they were involved with a dispute.

At that time, Zhang Jiayuan was on the scene, bowed to the tourist, accepted the tourist’s criticism, pacified the tourist, and explained the company’s provisions to the tourist. To concern over the tourist’s emotion, he paid the price spread, and required the ticket office to buy another ticket. The ticket seller handed it to the tourist, and apologized to him. Afterwards, the Hebei tourist calmed down, and told Zhang Jiayuan not to fine the ticket seller. When the tourist got to the Cableway, he returned the price spread to Zhang Jiayuan, but Zhang Jiayuan refused to accept. Instead, he asked the tourist to be assured about tour guides in Zhangjaijie and the services of Huangshi Zhai Cableway.

The worker arranged the tourist to get to Cableway, looked at the tourist smile and all workers felt relieved.

Later, the ticket seller handed the price spread to Zhang Jiayuan, but he refused to accept, and said, “take care of ticket office’s business and let’s jointly take care of the tourists’ emotions.”

It takes the Huangshi Zhai Cableway less than 15 min between dispute happening and tourists’ happy leave. The tourist’s emotion also cleared up.

Making Tourists Carefree, the Staff Return Lost Money
If the tourists lose valuables in the scenic spot, their tourism emotions must be affected, let alone happiness. When the staffs of Huangshi Zhai Cableway pick up valuables, they try to contact with the owner, and enable tourists to happily return.

More than 70 records are registered on the company’s “Good People and Good Deeds Register”. Each record sparks the staff’s spirit of returning lost money.

On April 7, the company staff Qin Yan picked up a Sony Camera, and returned to the owner;

On April 24, Zhang Wei picked up a Taiwan tourist’s backpack, containing a pulse, Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents and more than 5000 Yuan, and returned to the owner;

On May 3, the ticket seller Wang Biqing picked up a camera;

On May 16, the terminal attendant Gong Qian picked up a pulse, containing 1600 Yuan cash and a Tour Guide Certificate;

On May 18, the terminal attendant Mao Fei picked up a pulse, containing 7500 Yuan cash, several bank cards and an LG mobile phone;

To encourage the staff’s spirit of returning lost money, the company formulates Reward Details for Returning Lost Money, and give relevant material rewards for staff that has done good deeds. “Make both tourists and staff happy”, this is also the way to happiness for Huangshi Zhai Cableway.

Making Staff and Tour Guides Happy, the Company Provides Considerate Services

Happiness can be passed. For the sake of tourist happiness, Huangshi Zhai Cableway Corporation promotes the concept of “Make Staff Happy”. Only when the staffs feel happy can they happily provide services to tourists.

In view of logistics services, Huangshi Zhai Cableway Corporation ensures that the staffs have no fear of disturbance in the rear. Zhang Jiayuan said, “The Company shall enable the staff to work easily without great pressure”. The company has a good working atmosphere, and attaches importance to staff quality training. Everyone focuses on the overall situation and works in a civilized manner.

However, to providing tourists with satisfactory services, the staff will sometimes feel grieved. At this time, Huangshi Zhai Cableway Corporation initiates the Grievance Reward Mechanism, pacifies the staff emotions, and encourages the staff to keep good working attitudes and service enthusiasm.

In addition, Huangshi Zhai Cableway Corporation pays attention to making tour guides happy. Huangshi Zhai Cableway Corporation provides convenient services to tour guides, hosts “Tour Guide Competition of Huangshi Zhai Cableway Cup”, gives rewards to tour guides on the annual earnest talk...and hopes to bring happiness to everyone.

Various medals are hung on the wall of Huangshi Zhai Cableway Corporation’s tourist passage, and lots of silk banners are also hung on the Cableway office. All these are the best proof of happy services.

(May 26, Travel Weekly’s 7th Edition Report)
(Walk through Tourism Fine Line of Zhangjiajie)

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