Beauty of Huangshi Zhai

When people talk about Huangshi Zhai in Zhangjiajie, they will think of a popular saying, “You can't claim to have come to Zhangjiajie if you don't visit Huangshi Village”. As one of the top 5 classic tours of famous Wulingyuan scenic areas, Huangshi Zhai deserves this praise. One renowned poet even appraised it: “five steps are exotic, seven steps are fantasy and one is overwhelmingly speechless after ten steps.”

Huangshi Zhai is also called Yellow Lion Village, formerly known as Family Huang Village and Yellow Silk Village. The origin of its name must be found by mentioning Zhang Liang in Han dynasty. It’s said that he secluded in Qingyan Mt. here and was chased by Wuling County official. Then a man named Huangshi saved his life after 3 month fire attacks in the Mt. In order to commemorate this man, he names this Village as Huangshi Zhai. The legend is as beautiful as the scene flowing over the Village sky.

Huangshi Zhai is 1200 meters above sea level with 16.5 hectares peak area. Its southwest is slightly high and northeast a bit low. Surrounded by steep cliffs and green trees, many suspended observation platforms overhang. Under rainy days clouds and mists are around it with thousands of peaks together; when the sun raises thin mists fly which makes the mysterious peaks bright and dark; when late day comes, full sky of stars and elegant peak groups make it elusive; in winter, everything is covered by white snow, and ice poles hang. Countless peaks and gullies are piled up as white as jade; you are amazed by a circular walk viewing panoramically all wonders. It can be called the largest concentrated viewing points in Zhangjiajie Forest Park. There are over 20 scenic spots and that’s why the above saying is so popular. Two walking paths are available and a sandy car track at the back of the Mt. starts from Lao Mowan to the back door; hike from the south there are fantastic spots such as Imperial Edict and the Precious Box, Needle Peak, the Southern Gate to Heaven, One Southern Heaven Gate Pillar, Star Gathering Stage, Remaining Piers of the Heaven Bridge and Six Wonders Pavilion.

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Huangshi Zhai is located in the southwest of the world natural heritage—Wulingyuan Quartz Peak-forest. Quartz sandstone distribution zone that is suitable to constitute large peak-forest starts from the northwest of Huangshi Zhai, and stretches to the northeast direction until the edge of West Sea, Maple Valley.

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