Huangshi Zhai Cableway of Zhangjiajie: Build a First-Class “Sky Corridor”

As the author learned from Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Scenic Area, just after the Fifth Session of the Second Council of China Cableway Association, Huangshi Village Cableway Corporation of Zhangjiajie World Natural Heritage Site is awarded the title of “First-Class Enterprise of Safety Production Standardization”, and is granted 5S safety service standard of the national highest cableway enterprise. It is the only cableway enterprise that has won the award in Hunan Province.


First-Class Safety Production Standardization Enterprise


In November 1997, Huangshi Village Cableway, being invested with more than 50 million Yuan, was built to be an important “Sky Corridor” for domestic and overseas tourists to visit Huangshi Village Scenic Area. In early 2010, the company reinvested more than 80 million Yuan to upgrade the cableway, and used the transparent compartments for the first time in Zhangjiajie. Due to its safe, comfortable and stable operations, it is very popular among domestic and overseas tourists. After being upgraded, the cableway capacity is up to 2,000 tourists per hour, which is awarded as “National Top 10 Cableways”, “Advanced National Cableway Enterprise Culture”, and also wins 5S safety service standard of the national highest cableway enterprise for many times.

As General Manager of Huangshi Village Cableway Corporation - Zhang Jiayuan introduced, in order to increase tourists comfort and satisfaction during the cableway ride, an electrical display is set up in each ticket office, indicating the number of waiting people and waiting time. In such a way, the tourist will have a clear mind about “the number”. Meanwhile, a scenic tour map is printed on top of the lamp box of exit and entrance, and a volunteer information booth is built to provide consultation service and free distribution of Huangshi Village Tour map.

According to statistics, Huangshi Village Cableway hit a history record of over 18,372 passengers in a single day during the golden week of “National Day” this year, and the waiting time was no more than 20 minutes. There was no effective tourist complaint reported, and the satisfaction rate of sampled tourists was 96%. Regarding those people who need help, Huangshi Village Corporation provided a special human-oriented tracking service. When there were senior or disabled visitors, the guide would assist them to get the cableway compartment and told the machine operators to slow down.

According to statistics, Huangshi Village Cableway has transported over 770,000 tourists safely by November 14th, which has won wide recognition from tourists all over the world.

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