During the Spring Festival’s Golden Week, Huangshi Village Cableway of Zhangjiajie Had Received over 20,000 Tourists without Queuing up

Festival Greeting of Huangshi Zhai Cableway of Zhangjiajie

Rednet, Zhangjiajie, reported on February 6 (reporter Wu Yongbing). During the Spring Festival’s Golden Week, Huangshi Zhai Cableway of Zhangjiajie faced another peak time after the high technological transformation. It is introduced that Huangshi Zhai Cableway had safely transported 20,000 tourists from January 31 to February 5, and the reception capacity at peak day had been over 7,000 tourists without standing in a long queue.


In response to the peak time during the Spring Festival’s Golden Week, Huangshi Zhai Cableway had invested more than 3 million Yuan in early January to make an overall examination of the facilities. During the Spring Festival’s Golden Week, Huangshi Zhai Cableway chose the elite group to work, the engineers and technicians stick to make preparations at 6:00 every day, and maintain the facilities by working overtime after daily operation. 

To avoid long queue to the greatest extent, Huangshi Zhai Cableway had set up electronic display screen at each ticket window, so as to prompt the numbers of waiting tourists and waiting time, and make the tourists know fairly well. Arranged the staff to give warm tips at the entrance, guided the tourists to shuttle up and down by period, and reduced the waiting time at the check-in passage.

For the vulnerable groups, Huangshi Zhai Cableway had implemented the human-based management. The guiders would help the old people or disabled people to the cable car, notify the operators to slow down, and extend warm service to each detail. Meanwhile, Huangshi Zhai Cableway also set up the compulsory consulting service counter at Old Miwan Square and Ticket Station for the tourists, and handed out the route map of Huangshi Village scenic spot.

As General Manager of Huangshi Zhai Cableway - Zhang Jiayuan introduced, the cableway transported about 7,000 tourists from February 2 to February 3 per day, and the longest queuing time was merely 10 minutes. Therefore, express transportation, attentive service and comfortable experience had won wide praise from tourists. It is understood that there was no effective tourist complaint for Huangshi Zhai Cableway from January 31 to February 5. 

Huangshi Zhai Cableway is an important “air corridor” for overseas and Chinese tourists to visit Huangshi Zhai scenic spot. At the beginning of 2010, Huangshi Zhai Cableway invested more than 80 million Yuan to upgrade the original cableway, and adopted the transparent cabin lift in Zhangjiajie for the first time. The upgraded cableway transported over 2,000 tourists per hour, was awarded “First-Class Enterprise of Safety Production Standardization” by China Cableway Association, and was granted 5S Safety Service Standard of the National Highest Cableway Enterprise.

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