So dangerous! A bicycle player from Taiwan succeeded in 3,000 stone steps downhill in Huangshi Zhai

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On Oct. 14, an extreme bicycle player appeared on the stone steps of cableway in Huangshi Zhai. With the thrilling curvet and glissade on the rocks, by passing through the jungle, this player shuttled back and forth on the winding steps like a “Roller Coaster”.

This player is Chiang ssu han(James), an extreme bicycle player from Taiwan, the champion of China’s Extreme Downhill and a player in Little Bear Team. It is known that this challenge is a warm-up exercise of “Huangshi Zhai Cup Extreme Bicycle Exhibition Match” for “2014 China•Zhangjiajie Bicycle Outdoors Carnival”.

According to the introduction of Mr. Jiayuan Zhang from Huangshi Zhai Cable Company, he wanted to plan the similar activities three years ago. On the one hand, with the beautiful scenary, Huangshi Zhai is a well-known and classic scenic spot in Zhangjiajie as well as the treasure of all people around the world, so these precious tourism resources should be shared by the whole world through all kinds of communication means. On the other hand, with the constant development and progress of tourist market, it is a joint responsibility for all travelers in Zhangjiajie to bring in and create new tourism patterns. As a Taiwanese taking root in Zhangjiajie and as one of the first batches of enterprises paying attention to the tourism development of Zhangjiajie, they are responsible to consider the future of Zhangjiajie.

“Huangshi Zhai Cup Extreme Bicycle Exhibition Match” for “2014 China•Zhangjiajie Bicycle Outdoors Carnival” will be held on Nov. 8. At that time, some mysterious players will be present to participate in the extreme challenge.
After the warm-up exercise, Chiang ssu han(James) was so exciting. “The landscape of Huangshi Zhai is so great! The racing track resources here are amazing! The cableway here is wonderful!” Jiang also said that with the rational structure and rich contents, the racing track here could be built as an internationally top downhill racing track. More importantly, due to the beautiful scenery, the players could enjoy the fine view when flying in the sky, which was like in an excellent painting. “This racing track can be regarded as a “way to the fairyland”! We’ll apply to Union Cycliste Internationale for making this place become a holy land of cycle racing!”

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